There's a press drive going on this week for Subaru at the Isle of Man for the Subaru BRZ. We couldn't make it, unfortunately, which means we weren't there to confirm whether or not these were journalists beating the bacon grease out of half a dozen of the new Toyobaruion sports car.

You'll notice the Subaru WRX drivers all take a conservative line through the jump, not wanting to abuse their cars unnecessarily in what doesn't appear to be a competitive lap. And then come the BRZ drivers.


We have no proof that there are journalists in there (we emailed Subaru PR to check), but our own history with press cars and the people who drive them makes us think they might be. Maybe that explains the panel gaps for the FR-S?

UPDATE: Indications are that yes, these are journalists.


UPDATE 2: Tiff Needell just raised his hand on Twitter as one of the Subie-launching journos. He is, indeed, one fast journo.

(Hat tip to ViperFan1!)

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