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Architect Zaha Hadid is best known for futuristic (forgive the plebian adjective, art school geeks) visions of urbanity. She also designed the central building for BMW's Leipzig plant and the "Mind Zone" in the UK's Millennium Dome. Her Z.CAR project — which debuted at New York's Guggenheim Museum this summer — is a two-seater, powered by hydrogen fuel cell — that has a speed-adjusted wheelbase. That it looks somewhat like a pretentious Big Wheel, is only part of the story.

It's built of carbon-fiber composite and, despite its upright profile while stationary, can hunker down at high speeds. What makes it more than a vanity project by an A-list architect? Word is a "functional prototype" is being developed with a British manufacturer (so that's where all the Jaguar cash went). We'll reportedly see the finished product in 7-12 months, and if all goes as planned, a production model could sell for around $65,000.

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