Aptera: Skip X Prize, Proceed Directly To Movie Set

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The Aptera, which has been the poster child for the entire Automotive X Prize, is forgetting about trying to win that $10 million trophy and getting famous elsewhere—and that elsewhere is on the big screen. Recent reports are saying that the Aptera has been spotted on the set of the new Star Trek movie.


The new Star Trek flick, directed by J.J. Abrams and slated for an early May release, tells the story of James T. Kirk's youth and education at Star Fleet Academy. Word has it that Kirk and his homies cruise the campus for hot tail in the Aptera, which in the real world will allegedly get 30 mpg. Who needs a dilithium-guzzling shuttlecraft? I wonder if Kirk & Co. will exercise the Prime Directive with the fetching young cadets they cruise... Actually, it doesn't surprise me that the Aptera would wind up on the big screen. It looks as if it was borrowed from the future. The Sci Fi Channel should just go ahead and build a whole show around it. [Livescience]


Rob Emslie

@stopcrazypp: Well that's what I thought, but what do I know?! This looks like it's from that Star-Trek future all the kids are talking about. How do I know that then, 30 MPG won't be amazing? I never assume, I always ask.