The unofficial happiness between TomTom and the iPhone has taken a turn for the worse, as Apple has more or less forbidden applications from doing what the TomTom application is designed to do. Hidden deep in the iPhone's Software Developer's Kit agreement is a bit of legalese explaining...well, you can read it for yourself.

Applications may not be designed or marketed for real time route guidance; automatic or autonomous control of vehicles, aircraft, or other mechanical devices; dispatch or fleet management; or emergency or life-saving purposes.

This means that any hope Garmin, TomTom or any other GPS interface manufacturer had for releasing an iPhone app has officially been shot down, likely due to some ball-cradling agreement between Apple and Google Maps, the current GPS utility for the iPhone. After all, if the TomTom or Garmin interface was available on the iPhone, fewer people would use the Google Maps mashup available by default. [BBG via Giz]