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Apple iPhone OS 3.0 To Include Turn-By-Turn Direction Application Development

Illustration for article titled Apple iPhone OS 3.0 To Include Turn-By-Turn Direction Application Development

Apple's revealing their newly upgraded 3.0 iPhone Operating System today. No, we haven't just become Gizmodo, we're just interested in a new capability for developers to build turn-by-turn non-Google Maps map applications.


Here's what we've heard so far from the Gizmodo live-blog:

Many developers have asked Apple to use Google Maps inside of their application. And it's here. The Maps app can now be used as a public API and be embedded directly into any app.

Developers can now use CoreLocation to make Turn by Turn applications. So now you can build a turn by turn application, but you cannot use Apple's Google Maps because of licensing issues. But you can bring your OWN maps (as a developer), and make turn by turn directions for the iPhone.


So you'll get turn-by-turn, but you won't be getting Google Maps using the turn-by-turn. Damn lawyers. [Gizmodo Live]

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Ash78, voting early and often

Here's what gets me about this sort of tech.

I don't recall five years ago everyone freaking out and getting lost every time they took a trip. Sure, nav systems are nice and especially helpful in unfamiliar settings, but if you had asked me if people would pay $400 or $500 (early nav systems) or as much as $3,000 (OEM nav) for the ability to find their way around, I'd have called you stupid.

Similarly, if you'd have asked me 10 years ago if people would pay $400 to have 10,000 songs in their pocket, I'd have said "Are you kidding? Nobody likes music THAT much?"

So I'm not a trendspotter. Or maybe when it comes to tech, people are a little nutty.