Anycom is touting what it believes is the world's first solar-powered cellphone car speaker system, complete with Bluetooth wireless technology. You know, I'm thoroughly sick of all of the "world's first" labeling that gets thrown around, but I'll reserve that for a separate rant. Fact is, this "world's first" device isn't too shabby.

Anycom's gadget will join the rest of your automotive arsenal, suction cupped to the windshield. This one is a bit different from its brethren, however, because it's solar-powered, which is always convenient. Unless you do most of your driving in caves and tunnels. Then it could be pretty useless.


If you want to get all technical, the device includes echo- and noise-cancellation, as well as a digital signal processor for top notch clarity. The speaker is pretty loud. Three hours of sunlight will provide the device with 30 minutes of talk time. USB and DC adapters are provided to do supply some heavy-hitting, non-Al Gore-approved charging. It's available for $100 from Sharper Image. [Product Page via Geekalerts]

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