'Anti-Gov't Militia' Does Donuts In Ukrainian APC, Because Of Course

The Glorious Soldiers of the Russian Federation "Anti-Government Ukrainian Militia" that took over Crimea in Ukraine has now moved onto its next target, which is basically all of eastern Ukraine. And, like most random "citizen militia," they've managed to get ahold of an armored personnel carrier to do donuts in.


The driver of the BMD-2 is identified as DEFINITELY NOT A SOLDIER by Vladimir Putin mouthpiece Russia Today, as random dudes in Ukraine are clearly already trained on how to do donuts in anti-aircraft tracked armored vehicles from birth, while a menacing guy with a machine gun stands guard, because machine guns are also totally easy to come by by random patriotic citizens.

Already, Ukrainian Invasion Part Deux is clearly going well.

Because of course it is.

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Holy crap - anyone else see the recent post with video of botched US military cargo drops?

According to the Wikipedia entry about the BMD-2, the Russian military will drop them from aircraft with crew on-board. They use a parachute combined with a system involving retro-rockets with poles attached; when the poles touch the ground, the rockets fire, to slow the descent enough for impact to be "safe".

Of course, that assumes the drop goes according to plan...