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Standin' on the corner of 52nd and Broadway/The cars pass me by, but none of 'em seem to go my way/New York City, I wish I was on the highway/Back to Olympia

We used to listen to that classic Rancid track while eating lunch in our El Camino in San Leandro, the only place we've ever worked where the bus runs from the mall to Juvenile Hall. Somewhat tangenitally, the only time we ever hung out with Tim Armstrong was while eating cold-cuts at a weird radio-station event in the VIP room just as "Salvation" was turning into a low-budget MTV sensation. His hair roughly matched the color of this fine example of Caminage. Perfect for rolling through Blackhawk ahead of the Salvation Army truck and picking up microwaves and refrigerators. Cough up $1200 bucks and roll up to Oly, and it's yours. [Thanks to eltonito for the heads-up.]

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