We've had quite a lively debate fueled by you fine folks today on the merits of paddle shifters vs. manual transmissions. But here's one area where the stick shift has the clear advantage: theft prevention.


Once again, a car theft was thwarted by a perp's inability to work a clutch and a stick, this time in the Houston suburb of Sugar Land. ABC13 News reports today that the car owner was fishing when he was approached by a teenager with a revolver.

The suspect demanded the victim's car keys, but was unable to drive the unnamed vehicle because it had a manual, the TV station reported. Instead he forced the driver to take him to nearby Stafford before getting out of the car and running away. Police are still searching for the suspect, whose composite sketch is pictured above.

At any rate, this could have ended quite differently if the car had paddle shifters. Just sayin'.


Photo credit Sugar Land PD/Shutterstock

Hat tip to Lee!

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