Annoying Press Release of the Day: Former Car Saleswoman Doesn't Especially Like Cars, Writes About Them

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We swear, this is straight out of The Onion. It also prompted a less-than-complimentary epithet from our own Robert Farago. Apparently, Dr. Robin Segal, a former car saleswoman, will now begin writing a column for allegedly popular website bellaonline, which purports to be "The Voice of Women." The topic? Self-proclaimed non-enthusiast Segal will provide information "for the growing audience of car buyers who are not into cars." So far, the site's automotive columns include, "RV Cleaning Products Review," "Re-stock Your Detailing Products During the Off Season," and "Cleaner Wax—Do You Need It?" Note that Segal's column hasn't begun yet, but if this is the sort of editorial content they're pushing, expect more of the lame. Jean Teasdale is stoked.

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