Angry Woman Rams Her Camaro Into Police Car

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The woman driving this Camaro convertible's not happy with being detained and attempts to push the police car behind her away. It doesn't work and she ends up in handcuffs, but not before pulling off a spectacular reverse burnout. Update!

The woman accused of backing into a Burlingame, Cailfornia police officer is 52-year-old Tina Puccini-Perez of San Francisco. Here are the details via the San Jose Mercury News:

The officer first spotted Puccini-Perez driving near Drake Avenue and Adeline Drive, where he had gone after several people reported a Camaro racing through the neighborhood, said Burlingame police Capt. Mike Matteucci. As the officer drove closer, the Camaro's driver sped away and blew through a stop sign in the process. The cop put on his lights and siren, but instead of stopping the car blasted through another stop sign. A short distance later the car attempted to make a left turn onto El Camino Real and spun out, said Matteucci.

As the officer approached the Camaro on foot with his gun drawn, Puccini-Perez looked at him and abruptly began backing up. The car narrowly missed hitting the officer and then slammed into his car five times.

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Wow am I the only one that is amazed at the Merc's driver for not being able to negotiate a simple U-turn?

As for the Mullet-Mama, I'm really surprised she wasn't shot, or tackled for that matter. Way to go Burlingame PD.