What Do You Want To Know About The 2017 Yamaha FZ-10?

Pictured- a much more talented rider than me. (Image: Yamaha)
Pictured- a much more talented rider than me. (Image: Yamaha)

The short story is that the 2017 Yamaha FZ-10 is the brand’s biggest street-screamer sport bike, the R1, with a more upright seating position and power delivery dialed toward the low end. The longer story, if I live to tell it, will be how it handles the Tail Of The Dragon. Get your questions in now!


My first impression is that the FZ-10 is very large. And physically imposing. Of course any 1000cc animal is going to feel fat to me, since my regular ride is a quarter of the size.

The FZ’s handlebars seem high, and the seat looks low. In theory that should make the machine easy to get a handle on without getting bent out of shape.


The pitch behind this bike is pretty much: fun to ride Sunday, easy to ride Monday. There should be plenty of power, but it’s heavily medicated with a huge host of rider-aid tech like traction control and an electronic throttle.

It starts at about $13,000, and I’ll save the big breakdown of specs for the full review.

For now, let me know what you’re wondering about this thing or the famous motorcycle roads of North Carolina and I’ll try to answer as I write the bike up!

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Andrew, serious buyer here: it’s this, or the XSR900 for me. I’ve ridden the XSR a couple of times and I’ve fallen in love with its freight-train-like torque and the way it wears its weight. On paper it weighs over 420 [blaze it] pounds, but in hand it barely feels heavier than my dirtbike. To me the style, improved ergo, and better tech over the MT-09 on which it’s based justify the price jump.

I’ve never ridden the MT-10 though. As it’s based on the R1, I’m sure the handling is way better, but it’s that monstrous torque I’m after. How far did Yamaha go to alter the motor’s character? Does it feel like part of the same Masters of Torque family as the MT-07 and 09? And secondly, does it feel every bit of its 460+ pounds, or did they pull off another miracle here too? This or the XSR, what’s your pick?