[And you thought your Audi was super front-engined. Check out this 1978 Dacia/Renault 12 and be amazed. Photo Credit: Auto-Dacia via Hugo90]


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Gary Yogurt

I've been looking for a decent Saab 900 Turbo for months, which is a hard thing to do on the East Coast. I've always wanted one, but never really had the chance to look under the hood for any amount of time. The engine sits directly on top of the transmission...the gearbox isn't off to the side like a Honda. It helps reduce torque steer to barely noticeable levels, but my GOD, the engine/transmission is tall and SO far in front of the wheels. It pretty much touches the hood and goes down so far to the ground they come with skid pans STOCK. If you lower one, you are really pushing it.