And This Winter's Worst Driver Is... [UPDATE]

With a few months of winter still yet to come I can definitely say that no one is going to top this horrible driver in a Kia. Nice try Utah drivers. Good effort Seattle commuters. You simply can't top a woman driving at highway speeds in the median while trying to signal into oncoming traffic. UPDATE!

The only information the guys who shot this video provide is that it's along I-81 and it apparently occurred this weekend. Given current snowfall rates it's probably Pennsylvania or New York. Also, it's indistinguishable from a suicide attempt.


UPDATE: Local news reports suggest that the woman was having a diabetic response and wasn't aware of what was happening. Scary.

(Hat tip to Chris!)

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Phineas Q. Butterfat

2 things here-

-Diabetic reaction or not, that woman is BETTER than the drivers in the other videos. She's got a 2 wheel drive KIA driving in a snow covered ditch, and probably not on snow tires. The other contenders were on pavement covered in snow and ice and were utterly incompetent at piloting a vehicle at 20 miles an hour.

-Worst human being nomination goes to these guys. I have $10 that says no one bothered to call police to report this during the taping of the event.

A side note-maybe she should be the USA's entry into the next Paris-Dakar rally. Watching her take those jumps while traversing the ditch, I think the Frenchies would have to work awful hard to disqualify her. This video alone would have them working to gin something up prior to the event to keep her out entirely.