And the Real Winner Is...

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Is there any way that a Chevy Citation X-11 that doesn't blow up during a weekend of road racing can be denied the Index Of Effluency? We didn't think so, either. Congratulations, Schumacher Taxi Service Craptation!


Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets crazy baksheesh from LeMons HQ for his role on the notoriously corrupt 24 Hours of LeMons Supreme Court.



Jer here, captain of this disaster. I'm blessed with great teammates. The weekend had it's share of pains. We had to change wheel bearings on both sides, melted our first set of pads in 90 minutes, along with three more sets of pads. Lost the calipers, master cylinder, rotors, oil leaked all weekend, we have a (still undiagnosed) vacuum leak, motor mount issues, along with axle and ball joint issues. It was a purpetual wrenching job. With two hours to go we went through the last of or brake pads and the caliper and pads were on fire, literally dripping fire. I got to do a no brake drill for the last hour or so, using the tires and 2nd gear. woot!

It was all worth it. Thanks LeMons headquarters and CMP track workers for a weekend we'll never forget!