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And The REAL Lamest Day LeMons Winner Is... Gasmask's Lada Signet!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yeah yeah, the car that gets the highest lap total gets the overall win at a 24 Hours Of LeMons race, but the insiders know who deserves the real respect!

Jalopnik readers should be proud, because our own Comrade Teargaskov's team will be taking home the much-coveted Index Of Effluency trophy from The Lamest Day. The '87 Lada Niva wasn't very fast around the track- well, in fact it was quite slow- but the team didn't get a single black flag, and the inexorable people's transportation machinee was totally reliable after a few teething problems during the first hour of the race.


Total Loss Racing finished 58th out of 122, which was pretty impressive given the all-star nature of the faster cars and drivers at the event. Congratulations on your glorious proletarian victory, Total Loss Racing!