And On The Fourth Key Design...

This image was lost some time after publication. created car keys, and the automotive gods looked down and saw it was simple and it was good. Second...there was a desire by many to open up their cars from long distances without the dirtiness of twisting a key in a door handle, and the key fob was created. The automotive gods looked down and saw that while not simple, this too was good. Third...there grew a desire in man to have more features and "innovation" on the key fob to allow opening and starting of all manner of things, and man created the advanced key fob. The automotive gods looked down questioningly, but in the end decided this too could be good. Fourth, and desired to make the key fob part of the key. The automotive gods looked down and decided to punish man for his ignorance, saying "dude, when you lose that in your couch cushions, we're gonna make it cost like, 250 bucks to replace that little piece of crap." And the automakers looked over and saw it was good.

High-tech car keys causing low-tech hassles [MSNBC]

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