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We'll just call it Luddite Week. Following Monday's QOTD regarding the fattening of modern cars, and then yesterday's which was concerned with utterly useless features, comes today's: Airbags, yay or nay? On the one hand, obviously, the intent behind airbags is to save your life. That's a good thing. But the idea of a gas-filled shotgun shell pointed at my chest at all times frankly makes me a bit queezy. Do they save lives? Yes, sure, some. But exactly how many is difficult to calculate. One study puts the number at about 400 lives per year. However, would airbags save a single life if seat belts were worn at all times? Difficult to say. And then of course we have the added cost and weight and complexity that half a dozen bags per car imbue. Is it all worthwhile?


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