Drunk Car Dealership Manager Wrecks Camaro Into Flaming Mess And Bolts

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There's something almost impressive about the scale of drunken mess this manager of a Des Moines Chevy dealer is. Steve Luebke is 57, and normally is only allowed to drive a vehicle with a breathalyzer interlock. The dealership-owned 2010 Camaro he "borrowed" lacked such a device, and is now a smoldering ruin.

Luebke left Deery Brothers Chevrolet on Saurday afternoon, and drove the red Camaro recklessly down I-235, weaving in and out of traffic and hauling a wide variety of ass. Eventually, Luebke lost control of the car and crashed into the concrete median, where the wreck managed to set the car on fire.

The fire billowed out a nice column of smoke that caused at least one accident because of the visibility issues it caused another driver.


A passing driver picked up Luebke from the wreck, and dropped him off at his apartment, and later reported this to police. After police found that the car was a dealer's car, they naturally decided to call the dealership's manager, to see who was registered to have the car that night.

While they were contacting Luebke for the information, they realized his address matched where the passing motorist had dropped him off the night before, and managed to get to Luebke's apartment, where they found him passed out drunk.

Oh man.

Incredibly, Luebke was fired from his previous job managing a Toyota dealership because he, surprise, wrecked a car, and received a fourth OWI within 15 years.


This guy must be amazingly charming in dealership manager job interviews.

(Thanks, Danny!)

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Bloody scum. It blows my mind that we lock folks up for years for wanting to smoke a little weed and watch Netflix but a man can be a functional job-holding part of society after their 4th DUI. Someone needs to introduce this man's kneecaps to a baseball bat, it'll be awfully hard to drive then.