An Interview With An Orange Lamborghini Owner, And Other Carspotting Moments On The Streets Of SoHo

We went out on a carspotting quest, hunting cool cars in SoHo, Manhattan’s most Yeezy-filled neighborhood. What did we find? At least one orange Lamborghini.

SoHo is kind of fun now that it’s full of skater kids, and you get weird mixes of old survivor cars and super expensive supercars ambling downtown.

We managed to bump into a wonderfully ruined slammed Honda Accord, a survivor Acura Legend, a very charming Buick Regal GS (the one everyone tries to forget), a stately Bentley Arnage and a bright orange drop top Huracan. The owner, who never rolled down his window, did confirm to me that the car is everything one might hope and dream for:

Me: Is it everything one might hope and dream for?

Lambo Man: Yes. [revs, takes off from a stoplight]

Such are the wonders of carspotting. Tune in next week for some real street-parked classics. I know a place.


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Raphael Orlove

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.