An Eminently Classy Ad Is One Way To Sell A Pretty Crappy Car

Have you ever tried to sell your car, and you don't know how, so then you put a price on it, but who will ever see it, because it's a crappy Toyota Paseo, and who wants that, I mean, that's why you're trying to get rid of it? MARKETING, that's how!

Your car doesn't have chipped and cracked paint! It has battle scars and the wrinkles of wisdom. It hasn't been through so many miles that the transmission might fall out at any moment, it has 169,000 miles of experience and prestige. It doesn't let out a loud and ominous creak when you sit in it, it begs for your next adventure.


This isn't your mom's old Paseo that you inherited before going to college. This is Paseo. Vintage 1992.

And for all that luxury that looks like a shoe, it's apparently priceless. According to Henry, the owner of the heap and the creator of its magnificent advertisement:

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

I'll give you 200 bucks and a spot on my LeMons team. You can be pit crew.

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