The 2014 Mini Cooper introduces four new design lines with a long list of matching accessories, which means you can customize your car more than ever before. Here's everything you need to know.

Ok, so you want to have something like this:

But with more stripes and cargo space. So you get this.

Wellingtons go there.


Flag goes there. Even if you're American and the car is German and it's built in the Netherlands.

iPhone goes there. You love the switches.


Wellingtons mean mud. You will need this.

Children in the back, so...


Key design is very important to you, and the car works with Android too, which is also very important to you.

What's more is that the key cap also features an integrated chip for non-contact data exchange between the MINI key and your smartphone. This is how the car knows who's going to drive, and adjusts everything to that individual.


The mirror has to go with the rest of course.

So does the roof.


Actually, you need more cargo options, because it's no wagon.

Stripes. Naturally.


And painted wheel centers, just like on a Ferrari.

Happy? You tell me.


Give it a shot and show us your perfect Mini in the comments below.