If there is anything that could make the face of the Alfa Romeo Giulia even more appealing it would be sticking it on the front of a wagon. But before you get too excited, I’m going to shut down those hopes and dreams real quick: this is for EUROPE only.

The Giulia wagon/sportback/estate/touring/avant/non-shooting brake should help Alfa boost sales of the Giulia in EUROPE, where more people tend to drive wagons than they do here, reports Automotive News EUROPE, who cited anonymous sources that sound pretty much exactly like Alfa sources.

Is this a shocker? No, because there is nothing less surprising than a EUROPEAN car company making a wagon for EUROPE.

The wagon will probably almost definitely make it to production, so I will at least be able to gaze at a picture of it on my phone before sobbing myself to sleep at night. If it doesn’t, it’s Alfa’s fault and not mine.