Haas F1 announced minutes ago that French F1 driver Romain “Scene of the Accident” Grosjean will drive for them next year. Oddly, everyone already knew this because their website’s URL said so.

Last week we already had a strong feeling that Gross Jeans was going to drive for the American racing giant Haas because highly respected publication Autosport said so without much doubt. We reported as much.

Earlier today, this URL on the haasf1team website news section listed as “haas-f1-team-selects-grosjean-driver” popped up on twitter first through this Dutch account, then through the more well-known accounts of Adam Cooper and then Pablo Elizalde.


Here’s what the page looked like.

That’s one way to kill the surprise, Haas.

Anyway, Grosjean just made it official himself. No word on a second driver yet.


Photo Credit: AP

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