We miss the golden days of our innocent past when people crossed that glorious border into Mexico for tequila, weed and whores. Then their laborers started creeping across the border into our country in larger numbers. As revenge, we passed NAFTA and sent all of our jobs to Mexico. Suckers. But now Mexico has something of the non-illicit variety that we pine for: cheap gas. Residents in Southern California near the border can, for instance, cross into Tijuana for gas as cheap as $2.75 a gallon, as opposed to upwards of $4.00 on the US side. Diesel fuel is almost half as expensive in Mexico.

Said one Mexican resident, "I'm tired of these dry backs crossing into OUR country to take OUR fuel. If they're not smart enough to take care of their economy I don't get why we have to support them." Check it out, an entire post about Mexican gas without a taco joke. Victory! [NBC San Diego, Photo: RunOfTheWorld]