American Craftsmanship With Muscle Cars And Lots Of Carbon Fiber

What you see here is the Ringbrothers '71 Pantera. Now, restomods are tricky to master, but what these guys make out of billet metal and carbon fiber is pretty amazing. Petrolucious went to take a closer look.

Two brothers, a small team of skilled employees and a vision that creates very unique cars with a lot of attention to details. The brothers use a '65 Mustang called "Producer" and a '64 Fairlane called "Afterburner" to show the world what they are all about. Their latest is this Pantera, and after looking at it, you might prefer the original.


But what's for sure is that this team is really good at engineering billet aluminum and composite parts, which lets them create some of the most unique and powerful street machines out there. If you see a Ringbrothers car, you won't mistake them for anything else.

Just check out what goes on in their garage:

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