America’s Next Great Reality Show Should Be Big Ass Trucks

We've already had Ice Road Truckers and Hillbilly Hand Fishing. Now it's time for a real-deal hillbilly truckin' show, and it's called "Big Ass Trucks."

All the classic hillbilly reality show tropes are here: the resourceful hillbilly, the drunk hillbilly, and the hillbilly's daughter. It's a proven recipe for success. Plus, this show prominently features trucks of a size that can only be described as "ass-big." This is wildly successful with the "bored boys watching TV" demographic.

We are not currently aware of any plans to make Big Ass Trucks into a syndicated television program, but please check out their website and write your favorite TV network expressing your desire to see it made into a show.


(Hat tip to Bonhomme7h!)

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Benjamin Preston

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