Amazing R/C Stunts Will Make You Wish You Were 1/10 Scale

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If you can't afford to prepare a real entrant to the Dakar rally next month, you might be able to live the action vicariously with one of these 1/10th scale Robby Gordon Hummers.

They're $260.00 and are apparently capable of some pretty wild jumps. It has a Titan 12-Turn 550 modified motor and a metal-gear Magnum 272 transmission... whatever that means.

I don't know enough about R/C cars to say how this one compares to others, but the demonstration video is certainly the most dramatic I've seen for a toy.

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Do those cars have a way to adjust their CG on the fly? It looked for sure a few times like the buggy was going to bury its nose and in mid-air the rear end dropped for a perfect landing.

Pretty cool video btw.