Amazing Fake National Lampoon Van Tested Against A Honda Odyssey

I’ll admit, I’m pretty jealous that Edmunds was able to get ahold of an actual 2016 Tartan Prancer to test against a Honda Odyssey. The Prancer has so many qualities I love in cars: vanhood, mid-enginery, fictitiousness — I don’t see how the Honda mobile yawn-distillery can compare. But that’s just what Edmunds does.

In addition to the article and video comparison, they have a nice interview with the writers/directors of Vacation, and you can really see just how much thought and energy was put into making this car real. I love fake movie cars, and I have to say, this one is remarkably well-realized.

Now who do I call to get on the Tartan press car rotation?

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The steering wheel is from a Subaru XT!