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There Is At Least One '68 Dodge Charger Left And It's Doing Burnouts

I had thought that by 2013 every single 1968 Charger in the entire world had either been (a) crashed or (b) imprisoned in an air conditioned garage. Nope! One beater '68 still exists and it's doing burnouts as it should.


The 1968 Charger has had a hard lease on life, because Dukes of Hazzard crashed about 90% of the production volume of these cars (actually, the Duke Boys had a '69, haha -Ed.) when the show was filming, and the remaining 10% became replicas of the Dukes of Hazzard car.

This '68 should not exist. It's like it time warped out of some '80s parking lot, undesirable but still potent.


It'll almost certainly be restored, but just maybe it will continue its life as a relic of the days when '60s muscle cars were cheap, unwanted mulletmobiles. May it keep doing righteous burnouts.

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Am I the only one who thinks this car looks awesome with the paint peeling and dents? It looks like a grizzled old warrrior. So much cooler than some trailer queen owned by some investment banker.