A great car should tantalize your senses. It should look great, feel great to drive, and also sound amazing.

Too often as car enthusiasts, we overlook the importance of engine sounds in favor of things like how fast a car goes from zero to 60 or how appealing its exterior is. But sound is hugely important too. It can make a big difference between an engine you love to drive and one you merely put up with. I have a lot of admiration for engineers who put emphasis on aural greatness as well as other aspects of performance.

So here's our question this weekend: What's the best sounding engine?

Of recent cars, I have to say that I love the way the Lexus LFA's V10 sounds. It emits a howl that's not dissimilar to a Formula One engine, and that's never a bad thing.

For older cars, I really love the way the Alfa Romeo GTV6 sounded, which is one of the reasons this video is so fun to watch. (That BMW straight six ain't bad, either.)


Your turn. What engine sound turns you on the most?