Alonso's Formula One Car Goes Over Räikkönen In Awkward First Lap Crash

This isn’t the ideal way to catch up with your former teammate at Ferrari, Fernando. Fernando Alonso’s McLaren caught up to Kimi Räikkönen’s Ferrari from behind, ultimately sending him over Räikkönen’s cockpit as both cars lost control and went into the barriers.

Fortunately, both drivers were okay, walking away from the accident. Kimi pulled his hands back from the steering wheel fast, keeping them out of harm’s way.


Alonso’s McLaren teammate Jenson Button, ever the gentleman, even asked, “Is Fernando OK?” over the radio as he circulated by the accident under the safety car. Yes, Jenson, Fernando is okay. (Phew.)

That’s a very scary crash, though, that’s for sure. Having anything intrude into that open cockpit space is certainly a worst-case scenario in a Formula One car, and thankfully, this one could have been a lot worse.


The stewards will be investigating this crash after the race, however, Räikkönen may have admitted a little bit of fault on the broadcast. “I got some wheel spin and it went left,” he told Sky Sports. “It’s a very poor weekend, but that’s how it goes.”

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the first time this season mclaren has been on top of ferrari