Could Fernando Alonso Leave F1 For... Cycling?

Fernando Alonso is all but officially confirmed to be done with Ferrari and very possibly headed to the upcoming McLaren-Honda team for next year. But Alonso has another venture underway in the cycling world. Gas2 asks if this could mean a hiatus from F1 in 2015 for the two-time world champion.

Fernando Alonso Signs $25 Mil Deal for 2015 ... with Cervelo

Amid speculation that Fernando Alonso will sign for McLaren-Honda or, perhaps, even invest in one of F1's smaller teams come rumors that the Spaniard has already inked a lucrative $25 million deal for 2015.

Following Sebastien Vettel's bombshell revelation that he'd be leaving Red Bull at the end of 2014 and Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner's statement that Vettel is off to Ferrari, the Formula 1 press has gone wild trying to predict what Fernando Alonso will do next.

Ferrari's star driver, who is contracted with the team until 2016, is expected to vacate his seat at the team for Vettel- but where will Alonso go? Bicycle racing site Cycling Quotes claims that Alonso has scored a 20 million Euro investment to launch a new cycling team that will campaign Cervelo bikes in next year's WorldTour series.

A move to cycling would jive with rumors that Alonso will sit out the 2015 Formula 1 season altogether, and goes along with Alonso's claims that he "is the decision-maker now".

The move also makes sense for Cervelo, who lost a key partner when the Garmin-Sharp team merged with Jonathan Vaughters' team for the 2011 WorldTour season. Vaugters has has announced a switch to Cannondale for 2015, which leaves Cervelo, seemingly, with no WorldTour team.


That's a highly unlikely situation to find Cervelo in, is what I'm saying.

With a $25 million budget, Fernando Alonso's Santander sponsorship, Cervelo needing a team, and Alonso's own desire to compete at the top level of cycling, this latest rumor may be the most credible, yet. Until next week, of course, when Alonso announces that he's signed with Haas or Caterham or some other nonsense. The F1 silly season is on!

Source | Images: Cycling Quotes, Motorsport.