Image: Pasco Police Department

Early Monday morning a car owner in Pasco, Washington, spotted a man inside of his car. The man fled, but left behind some Hulk hands still fastened to the steering wheel. In the words of the Pasco Police Department, the Hulk hands were “not inside the vehicle before the prowl.”

Over an hour later a Pasco officer spotted a man fitting the prowler’s description and arrested him. He was identified as not Dr. Bruce Banner, but Ariel Contreras, 33, who was jailed and charged with possession of stolen property and “vehicle prowl,” according to the police.


Contreras also had “an odd variety of items with him which were taken for safekeeping,” the police wrote, without being more specific, though the Tri-City Herald said that the items included, “a backpack with a DVD player, a cellphone case and a paintball gun.” Here’s a police photo of some it:

It looks like this alleged prowler adhered to the old adage that it’s better to have something and not need it than need something and not have it. Like Hulk gloves, which he’s certainly regretting leaving behind right now.

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