All Your Car Sales Are Belong To Us: ToMoCo Leaks Plan For 15% Of Global Sales

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For so long supporters of the #1 super best automaker from the land of the rising sun has been talking big about how ToMoCo wasn't worried about grabbing a higher global market share — for Toyota, it was all about making the best products. Well, guess what — the boys and girls from Toyota City got a bit leaky over the weekend. A super top secret memo for global automotive domination accidentally leaked out to the Journal that shows the automaker, like Anakin, is moving closer and closer to the dark side, with a new goal of 15% of the global automotive market — a "boom" in production of 36% globally. Yay, a 36% increase in the world's supply of vanilla.

Toyota Races to Rev Up Production For a Boom in Emerging Markets (sub. req.) [WSJ]


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