All You Need For A Free Uber Ride In Toronto Is To Get Shithammered

While Uber can be kind of a scum company, nobody can deny the remarkable convenience of their app-based car service, and taking one is unquestionably better than drinking and driving. Now, if you want a free Uber ride in Toronto, all you have to do is get completely blasted.

To this arrangement, I say: Deal!

Esquire reports that Uber unveiled a breathalyzer kiosk in downtown Toronto that alcohol enthusiasts can blow into to determine if they’re over the legal limit to drive. If they are, they’re given the option to call an Uber driver for a ride home, free of charge.


Right now the kiosk is just in Canada’s largest city, and it’s still undergoing testing, but the company could put them in more urban locations.

Go out, have a great time, get home safely for free: Everybody wins!

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