Believe it or not, Toyota has been selling cars and trucks in America for 50 years now. The one place to see rolling examples of all those 50 years is at the 12th Annual All Toyotafest, coming to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California this May 12th. This year the Toyota Museum will be rolling in with the faithful and displaying some vintage Toyotas in honor of the 50th Anniversary. Since this year's All Toyotafest is still in the future, we offer up a huge gallery of Toyotas from last year's All Toyotafest. Everything from early Toyopets to the most awesome Toyota 2000GT is in the gallery, which starts after the show at the Toyota Museum and works backwards in time. Registration for the 2007 All Toyotafest is now open, so yank that Crown Toyoglide Wagon out of the barn and sign up for the show.

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