All Out Is the Only Way You Go: For You, the '85 Bustleback Seville!

Illustration for article titled All Out Is the Only Way You Go: For You, the 85 Bustleback Seville!

Reagan is cutting your taxes, Rocketdyne stock is going way up thanks to the war on the Evil Empire, and your sexy blond wife just handed you your latest polo trophy. Ahhh, the Rewards Of Success!


Of course, the average age of '85 Seville buyers was probably about five decades beyond that of the actor in this ad, but you get the idea: the Seville showed that you'd made it! Screw those cold-hearted Huns and their damn soulless Benzes, you'll take the Caddy!

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I love this design. No apologies. I think it's because I had a two-tone Matchbox of it as a child, but the bustleback is irrepressibly bizarre and I respect that.

Hell, I'd even call it elegant, especially compared to its boorish Continental contemporary.