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As a featured marque at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Alfa Romeo again showed up with a viciously sexy concept in tow. It was at the 2003 show that Alfa introduced the US to its 8C Competizione coupe, which had debuted that year in Frankfurt. This year, the company carted over a spiderized, drop-top version of the Competizone, which according to lore, began life as a sawed-off coupe, but was abandoned when the company put the project on hold. The finished Spider, however, looks less like an afterthought than a polished study in modern roadster creation. We admit we're smitten, and wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Spider became a halo car for the brand's 2007 US return.

The Stunning Alfa Romeo Spider [Italiaspeed]

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