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Alfa Romeo Junior Sketch Revealed

Illustration for article titled Alfa Romeo Junior Sketch Revealed

What's smaller than an Alfa 147, based on a Fiat Grande Punto and recalls a name from Italy's past? No, it's not the Brera lamp, it's the Junior. Photoshop artists have already spec'ed what the Junior will look like when Alfa rolls it out for 2008 (perhaps at the Bologna auto show in December). Now, Auto Motor und Sport says it has a sketch of the actual Junior, which will reportedly be offered for around $16,000 with a range of powerplants producing between 95 and 230 horsepower. It won't be coming to the US (barring a Euro currency crash), but it will be offered to Europeans in hot-hatch form. Grazie. [Auto Motor und Sport via Autoblog]


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IFF you live in the land of Weisswurst and Rote Gruetze, you can sign your mailbox away for a chance to give the model a better name than "Junior" and win a car into the bargain. Plus, more junk mail. Yippie!

They are looking - surprise, surprise - for something that sounds young, hip and above all, unmistakeably Italian. I propose "Dolce Vita" = outsourcing your day job in product marketing to potential customers. What could be more Italian than looking good while slacking off?