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Every time a new-car rumor hits, a blizzard of pre-release mockups appear online. These designs are mainly created to accompany news stories on upcoming models or redesigns, for which automakers usually let fly scarce few advance details, at best — or just enough to fire up an aspiring car designer or Photoshop artist's imagination. Take, for example, Alfa Romeo's European 147 model replacement, the 149, due sometime in 2007. Car Body Design offers a roundup of the Alfa mockups that have surfaced since the model's changeover was announced this past May. We're partial to's rendering and analysis, which our high-school Spanish renders as, "All seem to agree in the double-back circular lights and obvious similarities to the Kamal prototypes and 8C Competizione." Depending on how goes the Alfa Romeo/Maserati partnership, we may just see this one on US soil.


Alfa Romeo 149 - Who's right? [Car Body Design]

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