Alfa 8C Not to Be? That Is the Question; Here's the Answer

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The blogosphere was all abuzz yesterday about Alfa Romeo killing the 8C Competizione (again). Don't panic. Take a deep breath and think of Sienna Miller lounging poolside. Feel better? Turns out someone had gotten a hold of an old article that ran in Autocar indicating production of the prototype had been nixed. Trouble is, that article was from 2004, but had been run as new on with no attribution or date (hat tip, Eurocar Blog). What was reported earlier this month is still true; the company will build a 500-car production run of the 8C, with a first showing in Paris later in 2006. Now will you all please come down from the ledge. Thanks.


Say It s So!: Alfa to Build the 8C Competizione [internal]

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