Alex Roys Bullrun 2005 Wrap-up, Day 4

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Alex, closer still to the Bullrun 2005 finish line:

DAY 4 — Boulder - Utah MNH - Salt Lake City July 26th

Team Polizei barely recovered from a liver-testing night out in Boulder. The Bullrunners had piled into a school bus driven by the LA Punk Rock Band The Numchucks and nearly gotten into a brawl at a local college bar that will not soon forget the blagging skills demonstrated to various Colorado Co-eds.


Team Polizei, refreshed after fours hours of sleep, left Boulder in pole position and retraced part of our route from the prior day, setting a nice cruise controlled 110+mph pace westbound on the I-70 toward our first checkpoint — the Utah Museum of Natural History, located in the town of Vernal.

Police Scanner traffic warned of several police cruisers ahead, as well as a single helicopter, so Team Polizei used the mountains for cover as we made several high-speed bursts to get some distance between ourselves and the lowly Bullrunners with lesser detection equipment.

Dennis Rodman made a valiant effort to keep up with us in the early stages, pushing his Lamborghini Gallardo hard to make up for his inferior fuel economy. Sadly, the vintage Ford Mustang loaned to the gorgeous Philly-based Bikini Bandit Team was being driven by their cameraman, who, in a fit of poor driving, rammed into the side of Rodman's Gallardo when Rodman stopped short to avoid another car up ahead. The Bikini Bandit Mustang was damaged beyond drivability, but Rodman was able to continue.

Rodman provided high hilarity when police scanner traffic alerted us to an APB (All-Points-Bulletin) on a "Dennis A. Rodman....wanted for theft of fuel and clothing from a gas station in Glenwood Springs [Colorado]....driving a Gold Lexus..."

Apparently Rodman drove away without paying for $40 of gas and a $20 hat.

Rodman attempted to pass us in a tunnel, but the trucks blocked him and we chose to announce over our PA system that although Team Polizei cares nothing for basketball, and although we always thought Rodman was "eine kleine pussie", that Rodman was a pretty good driver and they should let him pass. Rodman thanked Team Polizei and peace was made between us.


Alas, Rodman's fuel lousy economy caused him to fall behind again, and again Team Polizei made a strong AutobahnKriegBlitz, with the Collins Brothers in close behind us.

Police scanner traffic warned of significant police traps waiting for us just beyond the town of Rifle, so it was with tear-streaked faces of delight that Team Polizei took the Rifle exit and headed north on Route 13 through the desert toward Vernal. The Colorado Highway Patrol must have had a very boring day waiting for us, because we could hear them on the scanner for the next hour wondering where the hell the Bullrun had gone.


Team Polizei pushed to 9/10ths through the desert, careful to brake on the dips since high-speed suspension compression was causing the rear tires to rub in the wells and cut grooves that could prove dangerous over time. We were surprised but several police cruisers totally unprepared for our passage, but luckily the scanner had again given us sufficient warning to slow down in time.

The Collins Brothers provided CB backup for our faulty unit, and although 3 Police cruisers were staged against us in the town of Rangely, we passed without incident. We cannot stress enough our thanks to Dennis & Michael Collins, whose voices over the CB provided reassurance during the stressful times we ran at extraordinary speeds through the desert, tempting the terrible fate of a police cruiser hidden in the roadside brush.


There was more amusement upon arrival in Vernal, as the early departing Richard Rawlings, having substituted a BMW 750iL for his defunct 1931 Ford Model A, was chased into the checkpoint by local Police who drew guns on him as his co-pilot sprinted to the checkpoint desk to declare 1st place. Since this cannot be verified, Team Polizei is recognizing the 1st place arrival of Richard X & Marek Harrison in the Aston Martin DB9, who once again demonstrated driving skill and fuel discipline to arrive a mere 1:30 ahead of Team Polizei and the Collins Brothers.

The local police chief then arrived and demanded to know who was driving in this "so-called rally". I was first to raise my hand, and slowly several others joined me to receive a dressing down. Our trusty camera man, Olly Lambert, caught the whole thing on video, which should make for great TV when the Bullrun DVD is released.


We ate and sprinted to our cars, leaving Vernal in a tight pack onward toward Salt Lake City. Route 40 West was almost totally clear of police, so we relaxed at a clean 8/10ths (125-130+mph). We avoided hard acceleration in order to conserve fuel, hoping that one less fuel stop might allow is to gain an advantage over the hard driving Aston Martin Team.

The final stretch into SLC on I-80 would prove a massive battle. Fuel be damned, the Aston Martin, the Collins Brothers, Peter Malmstrom (Ferrari F40) and Hayden Christensen & Troy X (Lamborghini Murcielago) struck down 50 years of traffic law in an effort to win this stage. All were relentless in pushing ahead, yet Team Polizei's fuel strategy soon left us alone and in the lead as the others were forced to stop, losing precious minutes. Only the Collins Bros. were able to keep up the pace, and our long friendship with them proved invaluable as we dodged what little police interference lay in wait.


The Collins Bros, running Microsoft's Streets & Maps via a laptop with GPS dongle, had superior traffic and weather data than we did, with our quick-on-the-fly (but updated data poor) Garmin 2650, however, they chose to exit the Interstate early and navigate the streets into town. We could only surmise that they had their MS NAV software settings to "shortest route" instead of our Garmin setting of "Fastest Route." We lost them and picked up the NAV-deprived Malmstrom Ferrari F40 Team soon thereafter, but then inexplicably lost them in traffic minutes later.

We cruised into the Salt Lake City Checkpoint in 1st Place, Peter Malmstrom arriving within 30 seconds, than waited for the Collins Bros. to arrive, indignant and confused. Richard X and Marek Harrison arrived 10 minutes later, vowed revenge and shook hands. We'd finally found some worthy adversaries in light of Richard Rawlings ignominious fall from the Hall of Legendary Rally Heroes. Still, we wished him the best for the following day...


Vernal, UT — Utah Museum of Natural History
1st Place: Richard X & Marek Harrison (Aston Martin DB9)
2nd Place: Dennis & Michael Collins (Ferrari 550)
3rd Place: Team Polizei - Alex Roy & Alli Joseph (MB Cl600)
Honorable Mention — El Diablo Toro - Richard Rawlings (BMW 750iL)

Salt Lake City, UT
1st Place: Team Polizei - Alex Roy & Alli Joseph (MB Cl600)
2nd Place: Peter Malmstrom & Landi (Ferrari F40)
3rd Place: Dennis & Michael Collins (Ferrari 550)


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