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Alcohol Interlocks Are Gaining Traction

The United States is making progress in the use and development of devices that measure a driver's blood alcohol content through a breath test before the car is able to start. And the public is beginning to accept the technology, too.


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Flathead Smith and the Screaming Straight Pipes

I wonder how much money the makers of these breathalyzer devices contribute to the campaigns of those in a position to influence our lives.

I’ve been hearing this on the radio lately "buzzed driving is drunk driving". This statement is false, and would say buzzed drivers may actually be more careful, because they are so paranoid about getting caught. The DUI laws as currently administered are not there for protection of the public, but instead exist as gimmick to raise revenue for the state. Driving under the influence is a fact of life and I bet this device will be defeated one way or another. It is really just a method to erode liberties of the innocent for the false gain of safety in society.

The best way to deal with driving under the influence is to raise the blood threshold DUI level from 0.08, to something more reasonable like 0.15 or 0.20, and then actually punish those who drive their cars in an intoxicated dangerous state by seizing property, or working on a chain gang during weekends for a year. For those who injure or kill the innocent while under the influence, the price would be even higher. But punishment should be done after the fact, not before, because before long everyone will be required to breathe before they drive, from the raging drunk to the Baptist grandma who never touched a drop, since after all, "if we can just save one life isn’t it worth it." I say no.

Also another thought, our constitution give us the right to not to incriminate ourselves; a blood alcohol test or blood test does that, if administered against our will.