Airport Police Send Traveler Home With Plastic Explosive

Sometimes when you fly, a conveyor belt gets hungry and decides to eat your suitcase. When it's damaged beyond repair, passengers are given a replacement bag. But in Sydney, Australia, one woman's replacement bag came with an extra item — a half pound of plastic explosive.

How did the plastic explosive get into a suitcase to begin with? It turns out that Australian Federal Police (AFP) at Sydney Airport had put the 230 grams (8.11 ounces) in the previously unclaimed bag as part of a training exercise for their bomb-sniffing K9 squad on August 14th. AFP Commander Wayne Buchhorn said:

"The AFP takes this error seriously and the canine instructor who inadvertently left this device behind has been identified and will be the subject of a formal Professional Standards Investigation."


The Newcastle Herald reported the training bag was then given to a woman whose bag had been damaged. The recipient of the explosive took the bag to her local police station at Cessnock, which then evacuated the facility as a precaution. Commander Buchhorn said they device was not live, and offered thanks to the woman and the Cessnock police for their assistance in correcting the error.

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