Air Traffic Control Outage Causes Major Delays For SoCal Travelers

This afternoon, a technical issue at the FAA Air Traffic Control Center in Palmdale, California caused a ground stop of all flights for airports in Southern California and Las Vegas. Some flights were able to circle in a holding pattern, while others were diverted to hub cities like Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Denver.

Video created by Jason Rabinowitz (@AirlineFlyer) using data provided by


FAA Spokesman Ian Gregor said:

"The FAA's Los Angeles Center air traffic control facility experienced technical issues and stopped accepting additional flights into the airspace managed by the facility for about an hour. Some flights were diverted and the agency issued a nationwide ground stop for flights heading into the airspace managed by the center. The agency is gradually restoring the system."

As usual, people took to Twitter to bitch and moan passive-aggressively about something over which they have no control.


At about 1:50PM locally, all departures were halted from airports in the region, according to FAA officials. Flight restrictions were lifted at 3:30PM but delays continue throughout the afternoon and evening as the system gets back up and running.

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