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Air Force One Arrives Over Havana In Historic Moment

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

1928 was the last year a sitting American President made a visit to Cuba, and considering the still very controversial nature of the warming of relations between the two countries, the arrival the iconic Air Force One over Havana is a very big deal.

The striking image above conveys so much more than just a plane, some cars and a street with people walking alongside it. It is a reminder of the great economic chasm between two nations separated by the Cold War and its aftermath, but it also symbolizes the start in what could be a whole new future for Cuba and its relationship with America.


This video shows the arrival from inside the perimeter of José Martí International Airport, including the mother of all motorcades.

The first family will be attending multiple cultural engagements while in Cuba and President Obama will be meeting face-to-face with Raul Castro, the fourth meeting of its kind since President Obama was inaugurated.


Air Force One is slated to fly back to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on Tuesday evening.