There are more than a few automotive photographers that deserve more recognition for producing absolutely stunning photos. So I've put together a list of my favourite photographers whom I think you should follow.

1. Frederic Schlosser Photography

Frederic is a very talented chap who impresses me every single time he posts something without fail. This list isn't in order, but Frederic still deserves the top spot!

2. Not Bland Photography

Webb shot the new SRT Viper when it first came out, works for Top Gear and always produces cool stuff!

3. Easton Chang Photography

Easton is the funniest photographer I've ever met. Super good at what he does too!

4. Dejan Sokolovski Photography

I'll let the picture do the talking. Dejan is awesome.

5. Richard Thompson Photography

Richard seems to shoot every awesome car there is in awesome locations.

6. Pepper Yandell Photography

When I asked if I could post this photo he responded "wait, let me flip the centre cap on the wheel, it always bugs me". I like attention to detail like that, shows a perfectionist.

7. William Stern Photography

The Beard. Will shoots lots of wheels stuff and always makes it awesome.

8. Bischii Photography

Marcel is a German who can do moving shots like no one else I know.

9. VisualEchos Photography

He likes dark photos.

10. Seagram Pearce Photography

Car Porn king.

11. Linhbergh

Shoots cool cars in hot looking places.

12. Nate Hassler Photography

Nate sure knows how to light a car well!

13. Arun M Nair Photography

From the Middle East and a real upcoming talent. Watch him.

14. Daniele Fontanin Photography

He doesn't shoot often enough, but when he does it blows your mind.

15. MHemming Photography

Another Australian, really got the hang of lighting a car well!

16. Douglas Sonders Photography

Mr Phase One. He's like a celeb of the car photography world.

17. 1013mm

He doesn't have a name, but also doesn't seem to need one. 1013mm is the perfect focal length apparently.

18. Jeremy Cliff Photography

Damn, look at that perfect lighting!

19. Clint Davis Photo

Serious skills and badass cars.

20. GS Automotive Art

He lives near mountains. That always means cool photos.

21. Frederic Schwab Photography

New chap on the block. Watch him as he's getting better on every shoot!

22. Van Dorpen Photography

He's about 7 foot tall and drives a beetle. Which apparently shoots flames!

23. Tomirri Photography

Tommi always finds locations that are killer in the UK.

24. Oskar Bakke Photography

Oskar follows Jon Ollson and makes everyone jealous of how awesome Jon's life is.

25. Nue Vue Photography

Yes, that's a Gold Aventador. David always seems to be driving a new supercar...

26. ShirakiPhoto & Design LLC

I just love this photo from Jordan, worth a like just for that!

27. Shutterlit - Automotive Photography

He likes sideways rig photos.

28. Oliver's Photos

Oliver is from SA and awesome in just about every scenario. His photos really are stunning.

29. Tomek Olszowski Photography

A very commercial feel to Tomek's photography, I'm always impressed.

30. Photography

Yes, that's me... Hi.

Hope you now enjoy following everyone! If you think I've missed anyone please post in the comments!

All photos reprinted with permission of the photographers