AFVTech Developing Natural Gas-Huffing, 600HP, LS7-Powered Hot Rod

AFVTech is a company which sells conversion kits for compressed natural gas, mother nature's most ignored fuel source. We suspect their '33 Ford hot rod boasting a CNG-burning 600 HP 7.0-liter LS7 won't be ignored.

The car is still under development, but the company has said their car will also take advantage of drive by wire, OBD-II and a Car Area Network system. Supposedly, it'll be mated to a six speed automatic, but we don't know where that'll come from as the LS7 doesn't normally come with one. Sure there's an environmental benefit, but all we read was "blah blah blah '33 Ford, yada yada yada, 600 HP LS7." It could run on bologna and we'd still be interested. [BBG]


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