GM Orders Dealers To Stop Selling Colorado, Canyon Over Airbag Issues

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Well, it's shaping up to be another banner day for General Motors. In addition to that recall of another 524,000 vehicles, they have instructed dealers not to sell the brand-new 2015 GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado trucks over an airbag problem.

The very first batch of GM's new small trucks have already shipped to dealers, but those dealers won't be able to sell them until this defect is fixed. From a GM statement:

General Motors has told dealers to halt deliveries of 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickup trucks. These vehicles contain driver airbag connections that were wired incorrectly during the manufacturing process. This condition affects the vehicles' two-stage airbag system by reversing the deployment sequence and disrupting the deployment timing of the driver airbag stages. This condition will cause the driver airbags to not function as designed.


Most of the affected trucks are being held at the assembly plant, or are in transit, or are at dealerships already. The procedure to fix them will be released to dealers soon, GM says.

Those who already bought the trucks will be sent a FedEx letter instructing them to bring them in for repairs as soon as possible at no charge.

If you're affected, try especially hard not to crash your Canyon or Colorado in the meantime.

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Andrew P. Collins

After driving and really enjoying both the Colorado and Canyon, this is a little heartbreaking. They created such a nice truck experience with those vehicles, they looked good, the prices weren't outrageous... it was all there.

I was ready to accept that GM had some fuckups, but would be really careful going forward because of it.

Now it turns out they didn't put all of these together correctly either?